Solar Water Heating

Our Solar Hot Water System Technology

Solar Geyser technology has improved dramatically in the past years with the advent of Vacuum Tubes. The secret behind high-efficiency solar water heating is the quality and design of the vacuum tubes and the heat-exchanging manifold.

Selective three-coating Vacuum Tube

All vacuum tubes seem to be the same but efficiency and the inner tube film coating technology determines performance.   Our vacuum tubes are of the highest quality commercially available.

Our manufacturing partner adopted a new graded coating technology from Quinghua University, and the three-vacuum tube raised the heat collection by more than 12% compared with traditional vacuum tube solar panels.  During summer, very high temperatures of up to 248°C can be accommodated by our special stainless steel aluminium nitride layer, without degradation of the film coating on the inner tube.  In icy winter conditions, the low reflectance of the inner copper mirror drastically reduces heat loss while producing high collection results.  The solar panel has a high absorption rate of 92% while reflection is reduced by 65%, thereby increasing heat by 12%.  The increased efficiency of 12% means more hot water!

Unlike most brands which have 1.6mm or 2.0mm outer glass tubes, our vacuum tubes have 2.25mm (+-0.05mm) outer tubes for superior toughness and hail resistance.

Heat pipes and manifold

The heat pipes are what transfers the collected thermal energy to the manifold.  These are manufactured of red copper and conduct heat towards the manifold through a sealed-in heat transfer liquid.

The heat pipes are held in the centre of the vacuum tubes by one-piece aluminium heat transfer fins and the vacuum tubes have silicon stoppers which are resistant to the high temperatures generated within the tubes and heat pipes.  Water never enters the vacuum tubes or heat pipes, there by eliminating the chances scaling.

The inner manifold is made of 48mm copper pipe which is intersected by the heat pipe receptors.  The exposed ends are made from 22 mm copper pipe for convenient compression joint fitting.  Each manifold is factory tested to 800kpa pressure!

Manifold cover and frame

Both the manifold cover and the frame are manufactured from extruded black coated aluminium, which provides the maximum resistance to corrosion and deterioration, even at the coast, while providing a long life and aesthetically pleasing profile to the solar panel.  Bolts, nuts and brackets are made of stainless steel.  The insulation between the manifold and the manifold cover is provided by injection moulded thermal filler foam. Tube footer end caps are made of UV-Stabilised Nylon.


Our Solar Hot Water collectors are covered by a 15 year warranty.

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